Dusty Lavender Rose Bear

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Our Dusty Lavender Rose Bear is available in various sizes: 18, 28, 37, 47, 59, 71, and 83 inches, each bringing a touch of serenity and sophistication to the classic symbol of love. Crafted with real preserved roses, this rose bear symbolizes luxury and eternal love. Housed in a clear acrylic box, it serves as both a beautiful gift and a stunning piece of decor, evoking the splendor of a rose in perpetual bloom. Perfect for those who seek a unique and lasting expression of affection, the dusty lavender shade offers a modern twist to the timeless rose bear.

  • Available in sizes: 18, 28, 37, 47, 59, 71, and 83 inches.
  • Crafted with real preserved roses for a symbol of luxury and eternal love.
  • Presented in a clear acrylic box for a beautiful display.
  • Dusty lavender hue adds a contemporary elegance.
  • No maintenance required, offering beauty that endures.

Is the Rose Bear made with real roses?
Yes, our Rose Bear is crafted with real preserved roses, ensuring it remains beautiful and maintenance-free for years to come.

How long will it take to receive my Rose Bear?
Please allow for a crafting period of 14-20 days, as each rose bear is carefully constructed to ensure the highest quality before shipping.

What is the structure of the Rose Bear made of?
The structure of our Rose Bear is made with eco-friendly 3D-printed resin, ensuring durability and contributing to a more sustainable environment.