Ramo Buchón Radiant Sunset Collection

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100% Real Flowers that Last up to Three Years.

The Ramo Buchón Radiant Sunset Collection encapsulates the breathtaking beauty of dusk with its vibrant red and yellow roses, complemented by delicate pale yellow and pink blooms, all artfully nestled within a sumptuous red velvet round hat box. This arrangement is further enriched with pink hydrangeas, adding depth and variety to the bouquet. Crafted with care, each flower varies in size, creating a dynamic and layered appearance that echoes a traditional floral arrangement while boasting a longevity of up to three years. This luxurious setup is perfect for those who appreciate the lasting beauty and vibrant aesthetics of a meticulously preserved floral display.

  • Features a rich blend of red and yellow roses, with touches of pale yellow and pink for a warm, inviting palette.
  • Accented with pink hydrangeas to complement the roses and enhance the bouquet's visual appeal.
  • Presented in an elegant red velvet round hat box, signifying luxury and sophistication.
  • Expert preservation techniques ensure the bouquet maintains its beauty and freshness for up to three years without maintenance.
  • Ideal for a luxurious gift or a striking centerpiece in any home or office setting.
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