Mini Radiance Hot Pink Bear Lamp

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Unveil the charm of the Mini Radiance Hot Pink Bear Lamp, a delightful addition to any room that combines whimsy with functionality. This compact lamp showcases a vibrant hot pink preserved rose bear shaped like a teddy bear, elegantly set on a sleek golden disc base. Equipped with a plug switch and three color temperature settings, this lamp offers flexibility and ambiance to match your mood or decor. The preserved roses ensure that the bear maintains its brilliant color and captivating appeal for years, making it a lasting decorative piece. Ideal for those who appreciate distinctive bear lamps such as gummy bear lamp, bear night lamp, and black bear lamp styles.

  • Features a golden metallic base and hot pink preserved roses shaped into a bear, offering a stunning bear table lamp.
  • Includes adjustable light settings, suitable for use as a bear night lamp.
  • Durable and vibrant, perfect for incorporating a whimsical bear lamp shade.
  • An enchanting choice for gifting or enhancing home decor, reflecting the playful theme of lamp bear designs.
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