Purple Rose Bear with "I Love You" White Heart

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The Purple Rose Bear with "I Love You" White Heart is a luxurious symbol of adoration, enveloped in the regal hues of purple and standing between 59 to 83 inches tall. This bear is meticulously pieced together with synthetic roses in a deep purple shade, and its chest is adorned with a heart-shaped statement of "I Love You" in elegant white roses. Each bear is an artisanal labor of love, constructed with eco-friendly 3D-printed materials, ensuring that your grand gesture is as enduring as it is impressive.

  • Crafted with vivid purple and contrasting white synthetic roses.
  • Features a white heart with the phrase "I Love You".
  • Stands grandly between 59 to 83 inches in height.
  • Lovingly handcrafted over a 14-20 day period.
  • Constructed with a sustainable 3D-printed frame.

Are the roses real? The roses are synthetic, chosen for their durability and long-lasting appearance.

How long before I receive my Rose Bear? Our Rose Bears take 14-20 days to handcraft with care and precision before shipping.

What is the internal structure of the Rose Bear made from? We use a 3D-printed frame made of eco-friendly materials for a responsible approach to lasting beauty.

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