White Preserved Rose Bear

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100% Real Flowers that Last up to Three Years.

The 13-inch White Preserved Rose Bear is a tribute to pure love and eternal elegance. Hand-assembled with care, this breathtaking bear is composed of real, preserved white roses, each selected for its immaculate appearance and durability. Designed in the cherished silhouette of a teddy bear, it stands as a symbol of new beginnings, pure affection, and heartfelt emotion.

Presented within a transparent acrylic box (26.5cm x 25.5cm x 33cm), the rose bear is both a stunning decorative piece and a protected memento, destined to be cherished for years. The white rose, with its associations to fresh starts, is an excellent gift for nuptials, engagements, anniversaries, or simply as an expression of genuine admiration.

Beyond a mere gift, the 13-inch White Rose Bear transcends to a realm of luxury and profound sentiment, promising to leave an indelible mark on the heart of the beholder.

  • A 13-inch rose bear handcrafted with genuine, preserved white roses.
  • Encased in a 26.5cm x 25.5cm x 33cm acrylic box for lasting beauty.
  • Represents innocence, pure love, and fresh beginnings.
  • An extraordinary gift for weddings, engagements, and more.

Is the Rose Bear made with authentic roses? Yes, our Rose Bear is constructed from real, preserved white roses, ensuring it keeps its pristine condition over time.

How is the Rose Bear preserved and displayed? The rose bear is presented and protected in a clear acrylic case, perfect for display and preservation.

For what occasions is the White Rose Bear suited? It's ideally suited for celebrations of new beginnings such as weddings and engagements, as well as anniversaries and expressions of pure love.

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