11 Purple Rose Set

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Step into the timeless allure of Imaginary Worlds Eternal Elegance: 11 Purple Rose Set. A striking floral arrangement epitomizing our unwavering dedication to beauty and excellence emerges as an impeccable choice for weddings, anniversaries, or any occasion seeking a touch of enduring grace and sophistication. Offered in a delightful array of colors including pink, blue, purple, and red, these roses transcend conventional blooms; they symbolize everlasting beauty and love. Our acrylic box for flowers, elegantly encapsulating this exquisite set, ensures these symbols of everlasting beauty are presented with the utmost clarity and sophistication.

  • Imaginary Worlds 11 Everlasting Roses intricately convey everlasting love and radiant beauty with meticulously handpreserved roses serving as a profound symbol of eternal affection and splendor that transcend time.
  • Hey there! Ever seen a box so graceful and compact? Picture this elegant 6.89 x 6.89 x 10.43 inches addition exuding the same elegance and sophistication as Imaginary Worlds. I bet you can't resist its charm! This acrylic flower box not only secures the roses but also adds a layer of timeless elegance.
  • At Imaginary Worlds, picture our skilled artisans handpicking and preserving each rose, ensuring it retains its natural allure. This meticulous attention guarantees that every bouquet is more than a gift; it's a timeless symbol of love and beauty, resembling a snapshot of nature's enchanting elegance. The use of acrylic boxes in our design process speaks to our commitment to quality and durability, ensuring these treasures remain as timeless as the moments they commemorate.
  • The 11 Purple Rose Set from Imaginary Worlds takes you on a symbolic journey, crafted with a deep understanding of the language of flowers. Our design team, inspired by the intriguing meanings behind the number 11 and the color purple, ventured on a quest to create a stunning rose set that not only captivates the eyes but also touches the heart. Encased in a clear acrylic flower box, this set is designed to mesmerize and convey a profound message of love and admiration.
  • Our preserved roses undergo a meticulously crafted process to retain their exquisite beauty and appeal, enabling them to endure for numerous years. These roses receive careful preparation and packaging to ensure they reach your doorstep in immaculate condition. Encased in acrylic flower boxes, these roses are shielded from the elements, ensuring their beauty lasts without the need for water or direct sunlight.

Our preserved roses, encased in stunning acrylic rose boxes, exude the timeless allure of roses with minimal maintenance, making them a delightful addition to any setting or a cherished memento for your special ones. The luxury roses in a box, combined with our expert craftsmanship and quality acrylic encasements, offer a modern twist on traditional floral gifting, ensuring your gesture of love remains vivid and enchanting for years to come.