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Blooming Heart: Everlasting Rose Dome

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Discover "Eternal Heart Bloom" from Imaginary Worlds, where eternal elegance meets heartfelt artistry. This remarkable composition, featuring 80-85 everlasting roses in a clear box, is a vibrant display of enduring love. Each rose is meticulously preserved, embodying the natural beauty and resilience of a standing heart, ensuring its captivating presence lasts for years.

  • A Heartfelt Display: The blooming heart arrangement, gracefully standing within a large acrylic box for flowers, serves as a profound emblem of everlasting love and beauty. This arrangement transcends a traditional floral display; it's a mesmerizing piece of art that captures both the heart and imagination.

  • Exquisite Dimensions: "Eternal Heart Bloom" boasts the dimensions of 9.06 x 5.71 x 11.81 inches, making it an impactful statement piece that elegantly enhances any space with its blooming heart and standing heart presence. The acrylic glass dome not only magnificently showcases the roses but also preserves their beauty, marrying aesthetic appeal with protective functionality.

Inspired by the timeless narrative of enduring love, "Eternal Heart Bloom" encapsulates the essence of deep, unwavering bonds with its heart-shaped rose arrangement. Encased within a large acrylic glass dome, this blooming heart symbolizes a love that endures the test of time, while its standing heart arrangement reflects the steadfast nature of deep connections. This piece is not merely a decorative item; it's a profound symbol of the significant bonds in our lives, making it a cherished addition to any collection or a meaningful gift.

Our preserved roses, treated with the utmost care to maintain their timeless elegance, promise to adorn your surroundings for years. These blooms, requiring no water or trimming, are ready to enhance your space right away. Housed in a glass dome, they embody the enduring beauty of a blooming heart, offering minimal upkeep for an everlasting token of affection.