Blooming Heart Kitty: Birthday Edition Rose Dome

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Celebrate a special birthday with the enchanting "Blooming Heart Kitty: Birthday Edition Rose Dome" from Imaginary Worlds. This heartwarming arrangement captures the essence of birthday joy and affection, featuring preserved roses in glass nestled alongside a charming plush kitty, all under a heart-shaped glass dome. It's a perfect symbol of everlasting flower light and love.

  • Birthday Blooms of Joy: This unique arrangement combines the beauty of two everlasting roses with the vibrant hues of hydrangeas, creating a heart-shaped birthday showcase that symbolizes joy and new beginnings, much like the infinity rose in glass.

  • Heart-Shaped Glass Dome Vase: Elegantly encapsulating the arrangement, the rose in glass dome reflects the warmth and affection associated with birthdays, drawing inspiration from beauty and the beast rose in glass.

  • Playful Kitty Centerpiece: Adding a touch of whimsy, the plush kitty within the forever roses in glass arrangement brings a playful yet affectionate feel, reminiscent of the cherished beauty and beast rose in glass.

  • Composition: 2 Everlasting Roses and hydrangeas, symbolizing eternal rose in glass dome beauty.
  • Dimensions: Crafted to fit perfectly as a statement flower lamp or centerpiece, approximately 5.91 x 7.87 inches.

Our timelessly enchanting roses, expertly preserved to maintain their eternal charm, adorn your surroundings with minimal upkeep. Unlike regular blooms, these preserved roses in glass require no watering, echoing the rose with lights in glass’s enduring beauty. Ideal for showcasing away from direct sunlight, these forever roses in glass offer lasting beauty with simple dusting maintenance.