Lavender Roses in Tiffany Blue Heart-Shaped Velvet Box

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Product Description

The "Lavender Roses in Tiffany Blue Heart-Shaped Velvet Box" is a captivating arrangement of preserved lavender roses, each bloom meticulously placed to create a lavish display of affection. Lavender roses symbolize enchantment and love at first sight, making them a perfect choice for expressing deep emotions. The Tiffany blue velvet heart box represents elegance, sophistication, and timeless beauty, enhancing the romantic gesture.

Lavender roses, known for their stunning hue and delicate fragrance, are ideal for expressing heartfelt sentiments and deep passion. This luxurious arrangement is perfect for a variety of occasions, including Valentine's Day, where the valentine heart box makes a memorable gift. Additionally, it's a wonderful choice for Mother's Day, anniversaries, and special moments that call for a grand romantic gesture.

Ideal for

  • Valentine's Day: A romantic gift featuring a valentine heart box or valentine's day roses box, perfect for showing your love and devotion.
  • Mother's Day: Surprise your mother with a mothers day rose box that expresses your appreciation and love.
  • Anniversaries: Celebrate your special day with a luxurious heart-shaped box valentine's day arrangement.
  • Any romantic occasion: Perfect for birthdays, engagements, or just because.


  • Small (15-17 Roses): Available in a small heart box for an intimate and charming gift.
  • Medium (20-22 Roses): Presented in a large heart shaped box, striking a balance between elegance and impact.
  • Large (38-40 Roses): Encased in a jumbo heart box or extra large heart shaped box for a grand and unforgettable gesture.

Available Sizes and Options

  • Small heart box: A compact and charming option for intimate gifts.
  • Large heart shaped box: Perfect for making a grand statement of love.
  • Big heart shaped box: Ideal for those who want to impress with a significant gesture.
  • Extra large heart shaped box: For an unforgettable and lavish display.
  • Giant heart box: The ultimate choice for those who wish to make a bold declaration of affection.

Key Features

  • A romantic mix of heart-shaped rose and heart flowers, meticulously arranged to form a visually striking heart from flowers.
  • Encased in a heart-shaped Tiffany blue velvet box, enhancing the overall aesthetic and emotional impact.
  • Preserved using state-of-the-art techniques to maintain their vibrant look and feel for years, ensuring lasting beauty with no maintenance required.
  • Perfect as a significant gift for special occasions, encapsulating both elegance and deep emotional resonance.
  • Ideal for those looking to convey heartfelt sentiments through a luxurious and visually appealing floral arrangement.

Story: The Enchanted Roses of Evermore

In the mystical land of Evermore, there was a legend of a hidden garden where roses of extraordinary colors bloomed. Among them, the lavender roses were the rarest, believed to be enchanted by ancient magic. These roses were said to bloom only when true love was present, casting a spell of eternal enchantment upon those who beheld them.

One day, a young maiden named Elara, with a heart full of love, ventured into the enchanted garden seeking a way to express her deep emotions to her beloved. As she touched the delicate petals of the lavender roses, they began to glow with a magical light, symbolizing the pure and enchanting love she felt.

Elara gathered the lavender roses and placed them in a beautiful Tiffany blue velvet box, a gift for her beloved. This gesture not only captured the elegance and timeless beauty of the roses but also conveyed the deep and enchanting love she held in her heart.

The tale of Elara and her enchanted lavender roses became a symbol of love at first sight and the magic that true love can bring. Today, the "Lavender Roses in Tiffany Blue Heart-Shaped Velvet Box" embodies this timeless story, offering a touch of enchantment and a display of deep affection for those who seek to express their heartfelt emotions.

Color Significance:

The combination of lavender roses and a Tiffany blue velvet box reflects the enchanting and timeless nature of true love. Lavender roses, with their delicate and mesmerizing hue, represent enchantment and love at first sight, while the Tiffany blue box adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, making it a perfect gift for expressing deep and passionate emotions.

Symbolic Meaning:

  • For Others: Gifting this box signifies an enchanting and profound love, a declaration of admiration and a promise of timeless beauty in the relationship.
  • For Self: Keeping this beautiful arrangement for oneself symbolizes self-love, elegance, and an appreciation for the enchanting moments in life. It serves as a reminder of personal worth and the magic of self-acceptance.

By choosing the "Enchanted Lavender in Tiffany Blue Heart," you are not only giving a visually stunning gift but also sharing a story of enchantment and eternal love, making every moment special and memorable.

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