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Celebrate the heart of your family with our 'MOM Love Rose Box', an elegant tribute crafted with love. This unique arrangement features the letters 'M' and 'M', and a heart between them, all beautifully created with pink roses. The vertical layout within a standard 50 x 28 x 9 cm box captures the essence of 'MOM', making it an ideal gift for Mother's Day, birthdays, or any day you want to show appreciation.

Personalize your rose box with a custom photo and text to make this gift truly special. The preservation of the roses ensures this heartfelt message endures as long as your love.

  • Pink Rose Design: The letters 'M' and 'M' and a central heart, symbolizing 'MOM', are all made from charming pink roses.
  • Custom Photo and Text: Add a personal touch with a favorite photo and text, enhancing the emotional value of the gift.
  • Consistent Dimensions: Perfectly sized at 50 x 28 x 9 cm for display and convenience.
  • Preserved Roses: Treated to maintain their beauty and freshness for a lasting impression.
  • Versatile Gift: A touching present for Mother's Day, birthdays, or just to express love and gratitude.
  • User-Friendly Customization: Easily customize the design through a simple interface to ensure your gift matches your vision.
  • Elegant Presentation: Ready to present in a beautifully designed box, making it a perfect gift without the need for additional wrapping.
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