Ramo Buchón Lavender Luxe

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100% Real Flowers that Last up to Three Years.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting elegance of the Ramo Buchón Lavender Luxe. This preserved floral arrangement is a vision in pastels, with roses and hydrangeas blooming in shades of pastel pink, vibrant hot pink, and subtle lavender. Each flower is carefully preserved to maintain its delicate beauty for years to come. Presented in a sophisticated purple hat box and tied with a satin bow, this arrangement epitomizes grace and long-lasting luxury. It's perfect for those looking for ramos buchones para cumpleaños or exploring the enchanting ramos buchones de rosas eternas.

  • Preserved roses and hydrangeas in a stunning mix of pinks and lavenders.
  • Housed in an elegant purple hat box, tied with a chic satin ribbon.
  • Flowers maintain their beauty for up to three years, requiring no maintenance.
  • Perfect for gifting or adding a touch of color and sophistication to any room.
  • Embraces the charm of 'ramo buchón' style with lasting, durable elegance.
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  • The buchona ramo adds a unique twist to traditional floral arrangements.

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