Teal Roses in Lavender Velvet Heart Box

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100% Real Flowers that Last up to Three Years.

The "Teal Roses in Lavender Heart-Shaped Velvet Box" is a captivating arrangement of preserved teal roses, each bloom meticulously placed to create a lavish display of affection. Encased in a luxurious lavender velvet heart-shaped box, these striking teal roses exude elegance and romance, making it the perfect gift for expressing heartfelt sentiments and deep passion. Ideal for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or any moment that calls for a grand romantic gesture. This exquisite collection features a stunning array of heart-shaped flowers, including heart rose and heart flower designs, each contributing to a heart with flowers visual that captures both the eye and the imagination. With options like flower hearts and flowers heart, the arrangement not only symbolizes love but also embodies it in every detail.

  • A romantic mix of heart-shaped rose and heart flowers, meticulously arranged to form a visually striking heart with flowers.
  • Encased in a heart-shaped lavender velvet box, enhancing the overall aesthetic and emotional impact.
  • Preserved using state-of-the-art techniques to maintain their vibrant look and feel for years, ensuring lasting beauty with no maintenance required.
  • Perfect as a significant gift for special occasions, encapsulating both elegance and deep emotional resonance.
  • Ideal for those looking to convey heartfelt sentiments through a luxurious and visually appealing floral arrangement.

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