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Copper Charm by Imaginary Worlds represents warmth and comfort. Ideal for cozy gatherings, housewarmings, and as a comforting gift. Perfect for family, friends, and homey occasions.

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"Resilience and Transformation." A copper rose communicates a message of enduring strength and the beauty of change. It symbolizes adaptability and the ability to thrive through transformation, reflecting a deep connection to the earth and its cycles. This rose also conveys a sense of healing and fertility, representing the rich and enduring qualities of nature.


Ideal for events that celebrate the beauty of change and growth, such as personal milestones, career achievements, or significant life transitions. Copper roses are also suitable for expressing gratitude and admiration for someone's resilience and strength, or for decorating in autumn-themed events.


Copper roses symbolize resilience, strength, and the beauty of transformation. They are often associated with the earth and its natural cycles, representing growth, adaptability, and the enduring qualities of nature. In many cultures, copper is seen as a symbol of healing, fertility, and a strong connection to the land.