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Ivory Elegance by Imaginary Worlds symbolizes grace and luxury. Ideal for weddings, elegant events, and as a sophisticated gift. Perfect for brides and elegant occasions.

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"Elegance and Thoughtfulness." An ivory rose communicates a message of quiet elegance and deep, thoughtful affection. It symbolizes a love that is not only deep but also mature and enduring. This rose also conveys a sense of grace and charm, reflecting a refined and sincere form of affection.


Ideal for occasions that call for a subtle yet elegant expression of love or appreciation, such as anniversaries, sophisticated social gatherings, or when offering condolences. They are also suitable for events that celebrate lasting love and deep-rooted relationships.


Ivory roses symbolize grace, thoughtfulness, and a refined form of love. They are often associated with a sense of quiet elegance, charm, and understated luxury. In many cultures, ivory roses represent a mature, lasting affection and a deep sense of caring.