Custom Number Hot Pink Rose Bear with Love-Shaped Blue Heart

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Embrace the vibrant charm of the 'Custom Number Hot Pink Rose Bear with Love-Shaped Blue Heart,' a vivid symbol of joy and affection. Clad in vivacious hot pink roses, this teddy bear rose is a celebration of bold feelings and unapologetic cheer.

Cradling a love-shaped råose bear heart crafted from contrasting ivory and blue roses, this bear makes a statement that is both striking and tender. At the center of the heart, a blue rose in the shape of your chosen number is artfully positioned, offering a personalized detail that makes this bear as unique as the individual it's meant for.

  • Striking Color Combination: The bright hot pink and calming blue roses create a visual impact that is both eye-catching and meaningful.
  • Personalized with a Number: The center of the heart features a blue rose shaped as your selected number, adding a bespoke touch to this teddy bear & roses.
  • Durable and Long-lasting: Like all our creations, this bear made of roses is designed to maintain its beauty over time.
  • Exclusive Online Availability: Available exclusively through our 'rosé bear Shopify' platform, ensuring easy purchase and delivery.

Whether it's to mark a significant date, to celebrate someone special, or to add a pop of color to a loved one's day, this 'custom pink rose bear' is a gift that encapsulates the warmth of your affection in a display of floral beauty.