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Imaginary Worlds: A Fusion of Art and Technology

In the ever-evolving landscape where art meets technology, Imaginary Worlds has established itself as a unique brand that transcends conventional boundaries. This journey of innovation and creativity, synonymous with the Imaginary Worlds name, began with a simple yet captivating concept: the rose bear.

Imaginary Worlds' Origin: From Rose Bear to Diverse Creations

The genesis of Imaginary Worlds was sparked by the creation of a one-meter-tall rose bear, meticulously adorned with a tapestry of preserved roses. This initial masterpiece, a symbol of beauty and craftsmanship, led to a pivotal question within the Imaginary Worlds team: Why not explore beyond? Envisioning a range of models beyond bears, including dresses full of roses and castles made of roses, Imaginary Worlds began to bring to life the dreams and fantasies of many.

Imaginary Worlds' Mission: Transforming Dreams into Reality

Imaginary Worlds rose dress
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This idea blossomed into a mission for Imaginary Worlds: to transform these dreams, these 'imaginary worlds', into tangible realities. The team at Imaginary Worlds embarked on a journey to create more than just products; they aimed to craft stories and build worlds filled with meaning and beauty.

A Tapestry of Vivid Tales and Eco-Friendly Art

The "Artistic Fusion" collection is a reflection of the vision of Imaginary Worlds. Each piece in the collection is not just an object of art; it's a narrative, a snippet of a dream brought to life:

Purple Roses Castle: Crafted with white and purple fluid paints, each unique fluid effect of the Purple Roses Castle is unreplicable, symbolizing the charm of fluid paints and the castles in everyone's hearts. Adorned with purple roses and hydrangeas at its base, it stands as a symbol of fantasy, fairy tales, and eternity.

Purple Roses Elegance: This mini floral dress, our fourth design, is a 3D-printed model adorned with purple roses. It represents the dream wedding dress of many girls, imagined in purple roses. Due to the fragility of real flowers, Imaginary Worlds created this miniature model, embodying the unattainable dream in a tangible form.

Hydrangea Elegance: Miniature Floral Dress

Eternal Heart-flow Artistry: Created with 3D drawing and printing, this heart uses red, white, gold, and black fluid paints. Striving for the color of a real heart but finding it too mundane, Imaginary Worlds added gold as an embellishment. The heart shines differently from every angle under sunlight, representing romantic, undying love.

Eternal Elegance: Our third dress model, shaped like a mermaid tail and adorned with over a hundred preserved roses, each manually attached. The model, 3D printed in pure white fluid paint and treated for oxidation prevention, is a unique creation, far from being mass-produced.

Pink and Purple Rose Enchantment: Focusing more on the smoothness of the model, this second design uses pink and purple roses for a more romantic effect. Like the others, it undergoes a meticulous process of 3D printing, painting, and floral arrangement, ensuring each model's uniqueness.

Looking Ahead: Imaginary Worlds' Future Vision

As Imaginary Worlds continues to evolve, their journey in 3D technology paves the way for more intricate and imaginative creations. Their commitment to eco-friendly products and the meaningful transformation of forever roses into home decor speaks to a future where art not only beautifies spaces but also resonates with deeper significance and sustainability.


Imaginary Worlds stands at the forefront of artistic innovation, where each creation is a bridge between reality and fantasy. The journey that began with a rose bear has unfolded into a world where every creation is a piece of a dream, a fragment of a story, waiting to be told. In this realm, the beauty of nature is not just preserved; it is transformed into something more meaningful, more magical - a perfect world in itself.

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